Back, Shoulder & Scalp

Therapeutic massage that uses firm pressure to help alleviate headaches, back shoulder and neck pain.



 foot massage

Foot Reflexology

Designed to relax and soothe tired aching feet and lower legs using the hand and wooden stick.



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Aromatherapy (soft)

The art of using aromatic essential oils with a soft pressure massage.

 thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage (no oil + hard)

Thai massage is one of the world's oldest healing modalities. It's a blend of pressure - point massage, acupressure, energy work & gentle yoga stretches.



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Swedish Massage (medium)

A gentle therapeutic massage for relieving muscle tension & alleviating muscle fatique.





 sports massage

Sports Massage (hard)

An invigorating deep tissue oil massage to help relieve muscle pain from sports.




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Ruk Thai Massage (hard)

A combination fo Traditional Thai, Swedish and Sports Massage.  Beginning with a pressure - point massage before a deep tissue oil massage to improve blood & lymph circulation.







 10 minutes         $ 15
 20 minutes         $ 30
 30 minutes         $ 45
 45 minutes         $ 60

 60 minutes         $ 75

 75 minuets         $ 90
  90 minutes         $105
120 minutes         $135
150 minutes         $165
180 minutes         $190