thai herbal massage

Thai Herbal Compress

A specialised combination of Thai herbs that soften the skin. Hot herbal compresses are well known for treating chronic nuisances such as muscle, joint, fascia and sinew pain.

90mins       $130
120mins     $160



 hot stone 2

Hot Stone

Stone is a unique connection with nature. The penetrating heat from the hot stone helps to relax and heal muscles.

90mins       $130
120mins     $160





Ruk Thai Relax

Relax and unwind with a Ruk Thai Massage followed by aromatic facial to relieve tightness, tension and promote relaxation.

90mins       $105

120mins     $135






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Ruk Thai De-Stress

A combination of treatments that starts with a Ruk Thai massage (+Hot Oil) to release muscular tension. Then really unwind with a Foot Massage followed by a facial for pure indulgence.

120mins      $135

150mins      $165